Grey-Black Marble Paver

Stone: Grey-Black Marble Paver

Grey-Black Marble is from the quarries around Isfahan which is producing in different finishes and for floor paving. This product has a high resistance against abrasion and the movement of vehicles but some parts of its surface may get empty in the cold and frost. This paver has been used with high thickness in most traditional markets, old bridges such as Khaju Bridge and Siosepol Bridge and Imam square in Isfahan since ancient times. These pavers would be shipped to the installation site in packed crates and pallets. Please see a variety of new processing and packaging of this product in below.

Processing Kinds of Grey-Black Marble Paver:

Grey-Black Marble paver is producing in following sizes:

60 * 60 * 3
60 * 40 * 3
40 * 40 * 3
30 * 30 * 3

- All the dimensions mentioned are in millimeters.

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