Cream Limestone Pavers

Stone: Cream Limestone Pavers

Negin Sang Kavir Co. has a Limestone quarry with low porosity and high strength that it has created a good opportunity for the production of pavers at very reasonable prices. Beige Travertine paver is not slippery and visualizes a sense of being natural for humans due to the pores and holes on its surface. These pavers are producing in two grades that all of them are very good in terms of material and production quality and this classification is just according to the holes on their surface and color. They are also very resistant against cold and suitable for the movement of vehicles due to 3cm thickness they usually have. All pavers would be shipped to the installation site in packed crates and pallets. Please see different types of pavers and packaging in below.

Processing Kinds of Cream Limestone Paver:

Cream Limestone Pavers paver is producing in following sizes:

60 * 60 * 3
60 * 40 * 3
40 * 40 * 3
30 * 30 * 3

- All the dimensions mentioned are in millimeters.

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