Pietra Grey Marble (Lashotor)

Stone: Black Pietra Grey Marble

Local name in Iran: Lashotor
Quarry location: South of Isfahan, Iran
Pietra Grey Marble quarries which are located in south of Isfahan and very close to city, have provided this possibility that this stone with strong distinctive white veins in different directions and thicknesses which is highly resistant and beautiful to be installed as step treads and interior walls, be used in most of monuments in Isfahan city. Using this stone for the fa├žade of buildings is not recommended since its black color changes to grey due to sunlight. One of the disadvantages of this building stone is the accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time and destroys the beautiful look of stone.

Processing Kinds of Black Pietra Grey Marble :

Pietra Grey Marble is producing in following sizes:

Slab (10-30)
Pattern set
406 * 406 * (10-30)
610 * 406 * (10-30)
915 * 610 * (10-30)
Cut Slab
Free Length
305 * 305 * (10-30)
610 * 305 * (10-30)
610 * 610 * (10-30)

- All the dimensions mentioned are in millimeters.
- The thickness of the rocks is from 15 mm to 200 mm.

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