The stock of Negin Sang Kavir in Isfahan city in Sejzi industrial cityin There are an extended spectrum of different kinds of stone blocks with different dimensions including travertine, marble,Granite and limestone with different schemes and colors.
We review the way of working of this group from manufacturing and supplying from quarries to way of selling them in the stocks as bellow:

1. Hiring and Supplying the blocks from quarries:

The selection of the best block from the quarries for selling to the clients has been always the most important issue for us. This group has gathered a team of expert and specialist staffs from active quarries to have accessibility to the best blocks. These staffs always select and mark the best blocks
In textures, colors and dimensions from quarries.

2. Transferring the selected blocks:

The selected blocks will be loaded from the quarries to our stocks by our experts.

3. Wirecutting, washing and coding the blocks in the stock:

The blocks which are loaded from the quarries will be evacuated in the stocks, because of the issue that there is not enough time for wirecutting the blocks in the quarries, we do this job most of the times in our stocks.then all blocks will be washed , coded and marked.after these steps the blocks would be ready to sell and load regarding to their colors, textures and dimensions.

4. Organizing marked blocks and evacuating them in final destinations:

The blocks will be loaded to final destinations after being selected by the clients.
The usuall dimensions for our blocks are as bellow:
Length: 200-330 cm
Width: 100-200 cm
Height: 60-200 cm