Crystal Marble

Crystal marble can be called a stone that is widely used in all parts of the building. It is a stone with a gray background and irregular gray and white lines.

Honed Slab
Polished Slab

Crystal Marble: A Timeless Elegance in Building Design

In the world of construction, few materials can match the timeless elegance and versatility of Crystal Marble. With its distinct gray background and irregular gray and white lines, it graces both interior and exterior spaces with an air of sophistication. This stunning natural stone, often referred to as Persian Crystal Marble, holds a special place in the realm of architectural design.

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Persian Crystal Marble: A Global Marvel

Persian Crystal Marble, a beloved Iranian natural stone, has made its mark on the global stage. Renowned for its pristine white appearance, it is a sought-after choice for interior and exterior design projects worldwide. Countries like Australia and Canada recognize its value, importing this exquisite product directly from Iran.

One of the hallmarks of Persian Crystal Marble is its remarkable luster, imparting a captivating play of light. This distinctive feature, combined with its exceptional quality, positions it among the finest crystal stones globally.

Endless Possibilities with Persian Crystal Marble

The versatility of Persian Crystal Marble knows no bounds. It finds its place in every nook and cranny of architectural design. From grand reception areas to functional flooring, from opulent bathrooms to inviting kitchens, from courtyard floors to stately building facades—the possibilities are limitless.

Strength is another virtue of Persian Crystal Marble. Its enduring quality not only reduces construction costs but also extends the lifespan of your building. This investment in longevity ensures that your architectural masterpiece stands the test of time.

Landscaping with Persian Crystal Marble

Yes, Persian Crystal Marble is a suitable choice for landscaping projects. Whether creating pathways, defining patios, outlining garden borders, or constructing retaining walls, its unique texture and color add an exquisite touch to outdoor spaces. However, to maintain its pristine appearance, proper sealing and ongoing maintenance are essential to prevent staining and weathering over time.

Adapting to Hot Climates

In hot climates, Persian Crystal Marble remains a reliable choice for exterior applications. While all-natural marbles may experience changes over time due to temperature, moisture, and UV exposure, proper installation and maintenance can ensure their resilience. Professionals recommend sealing, drainage systems, and adequate ventilation to preserve the marble’s integrity.

Luxurious Bathrooms with Persian Crystal Marble

The enduring charm of Persian Crystal Marble extends to bathroom design. Its durability and resistance to moisture make it an ideal choice for bathroom countertops, shower walls, and flooring. However, to safeguard against water absorption and staining, meticulous sealing is paramount. Consulting with a professional installer for installation and maintenance guidance is advisable.

Embracing the Great Outdoors

For those looking to incorporate the beauty of Persian Crystal Marble into outdoor spaces, rest assured that it can withstand the elements with grace. From outdoor flooring to durable walls and countertops, this natural stone is a resilient choice. To ensure its long-lasting beauty, attentive maintenance and proper sealing are key.

In the realm of architectural design, Persian Crystal Marble stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between nature and craftsmanship. Its captivating aesthetics and durability make it a timeless choice for those who seek sophistication and longevity in their architectural creations. Whether indoors or outdoors, this marble weaves an enchanting narrative of beauty and endurance, transcending time and trends.

Processing Type :

  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Polished

noted: all the dimensions mentioned are in centimeters.

noted: The thickness is from 15 mm to 200 mm.