Cubic Stone (Cube Stone pavers)

Cubic Stone – What Is That?

At Negin Stone we treat stone thicker than 3 inches as cubic. Cubic stone includes smaller pieces with minimal fabrication such as cobblestone. Cubic stone also includes larger more complicated fabrications such as the curvilinear water-feature assembly shown. Most cubic stone falls somewhere in between these two extremes.

Cubic stone is used by designers, architects, builders, artists, and landscape architects to create durable, long-lasting, and memorable objects, structures, and hardscapes.

Uses of Cubic Stone

Cubic stone is used in residential, municipal, and commercial environments in a wide range of applications. Each of us has witnessed fine homes, banks and other buildings, and parks and plazas that leverage the beauty and grandeur of natural cubic stone. Cubic stone can be simple cubes or blocks of stone such as granite cobblestone or include value-added fabrication used to create fireplace surrounds, columns, and other assemblies.

Cubic Stone Applications

More popular cubic stone applications include carving for art and objects, monuments and signs, water features, fireplace surrounds and assemblies, benches, bollards, steps, planks, bridges, plinths, columns, capitals, lintels, mullions, walkways, driving surfaces, bas relief facade, or decorative/modern CNC relief panels (which technically could be less than 3″ thick).