Curbstone (kerb Stone)

When it comes to curbstones (also known as kerb stones), natural stones have always been the preferred choice due to their exceptional durability and timeless appeal. Among the various options available, granite curbs and sandstone curbs stand out as the most popular choices. In recent times, the pricing of curbstones has been standardized to a standard profile, making them more accessible for a wide range of applications. These curbstones are available in various lengths, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your project. Additionally, they come in a variety of natural stone options, including granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, allowing you to select the one that complements your block paving solutions.

Enhancing Your Driveway with Natural Stone Curbstones

Natural stone curbstones are ideal for creating stunning driveways and pathways. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on roads and driveways, making them the perfect choice for these high-traffic areas. With a wide range of curbstone types available, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements and complements your home’s aesthetic. Using traditional and natural stone curbstones can significantly improve the visual appeal of your property while adding long-term value. The price of curbstones may vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the raw materials used in their construction.

Exploring Different Types of Curbstones:

Mountable Curbstones:

These low curbstones are designed to keep traffic within designated lanes and restricted areas. They have a height of approximately 10 cm above the pavement edge, allowing vehicles to easily mount them. Mountable curbstones are commonly used in medians and channelization schemes and also aid in longitudinal drainage.

Semi-Barrier Type Curbstones:

These curbstones are employed in areas with high pedestrian traffic. With a height of around 15 cm above the pavement edge, they deter unauthorized parking while still allowing vehicles to pass in emergencies with some difficulty.

Barrier-Type Curbstones:

These curbstones significantly enhance road safety by preventing vehicles from leaving the pavement. They are typically installed in areas with lower pedestrian traffic.

Submerged Curbstones: 

Preferred for rural roads, submerged curbstones are placed at pavement edges to provide stability to the pavement structure.

Extruded Curbstones: 

Commonly used on straight highways, these curbstones are laid using a slip-form paver machine, ensuring uniform and precise installation.

Negin Stone offers top-quality curbstones known for their durability, weather resistance, excellent design, and functional efficiency. Available in various colors such as white, black, yellow, red, grey, brown, and rusty, you can select the color that best complements your project. Moreover, the size of the curbstone can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Choose Negin Stone for curbstones that combine elegance and functionality, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

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