Travertine Stone

Travertine Stone is a white massive concretionary form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3 which is formed by calcium carbonate dissolving in ground water and then being deposited on the earth’s surface by rivers, natural springs, or geysers. One of the most versatile, durable and elegant looking floor cover is none other than the one made from travertine. Travertine is part of the larger group of stone known as limestone (or calcium carbonate). This type of stone is formed when subterranean water sources collect mineral deposits over thousands of years, eventually producing a smooth, porous stone. Travertine is derived from limestone that has been heated and then propelled through the earth by water. Travertine is usually hard and semi crystalline. It has a layered appearance and in pastel shades of almost beautiful colors and banded as a result of the iron compounds presence or some other impurities. Generally travertine is less coarse-grained and takes a higher polish than stalactite or stalagmite whose chemical composition and origin are similar. Although referred to as “Onyx” in commercial trade, it has the hardness of calcite that is much softer than real Onyx which is a black and white banded agate. In hardness, travertine is similar to marble. travertine tiles come in a variety of shades and finishes

Abasabad Travertine

Abgarm Travertine

Atashkooh Travertine

Ask Travertine

Atashkooh Travertine

Chocolate Hamedan Travertine

Chocolate Kashan Travertine

Chocolate Tajareh Travertine

Chocolate Takab Travertine

Chocolate Yazd Travertine

Chocolate Zanjan

Cream Abarkouh

Cream Damavand Travertine

Cream Damghan Travertine

Cream Gaz Anbar Travertine

Cream Hamedan Travertine

Cream Kashan Travertine

Cream Khalkhal Travertine

Cream Komshecheh Travertine

Cream Mahabad Travertine

Cream Mahalat Travertine

Cream Maku Travertine

Cream Ramsheh Travertine

Cream Salmas Travertine

Cream Takab Travertine

Cream Targh Travertine

Cream Vartoun Travertine

Cream Yazd Travertine

Cream Zanjan Travertine

Dareh Bokhari Travertine

Dates Takab Travertine

Gaz Anbar Travertine

Hajiabad Travertine

Lemon Azarshahr Travertine

Lemon Mahalat Travertine

Lemon Maku Travertine

Miandoab Travertine

Miandoab Silver Travertine

Red Azarshahr Travertine

Red Isfahan Travertine

Shahzeidi Targh Travertine

Silver Azarshahr Travertine

Silver Kashan Travertine

Silver Tafresh Travertine

Silver Takab Travertine

Soh (Meymeh) Travertine

Tabas Travertine

Torshab Travertine

Vangoug Silver Travertine

Walnut Azarshahr Travertine

Wave Twisted Travertine

Yellow Abnoure Travertine

Yellow Isfahan Travertine