Classic Marble

Classic Marble is one of the old stones which has been using in Iran and in most of Iranian monuments with more than 100 years antiquity. This stone has an extremely low water absorption and is highly resistant against abrasion and suitable for mounting on the floor.


Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble has background colour of greyish-black together with some white veins on the surface. It is considered as one of the most famous marbles. This marble is also internationally well-known and has been given different names such as Gregiro marble, Grafite marble and Graphite Marble.


Crystal Marble

It is a stone with a gray background and irregular gray and white lines. The porcelain and crystal material of this stone has a very good luster, so this stone has a beautiful light reflection and despite its very excellent analysis, it is one of the best crystal stones in the world.


Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Marble forms under such conditions because the calcite forming the limestone recrystallises forming a denser rock consisting of roughly equigranular calcite crystals.