Natural Stone Pavers

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The right choice of paving & patio slabs, stones and flags can rejuvenate even the most tired-looking garden and transform it into a truly outstanding outdoor oasis. From somewhere to soak up the sun to a selling point that could add as much as 20% to the value of your home – let us help you find the right paving and patio slabs for your garden to create a wonderful outdoor space.
We’re committed to creating the highest quality products for any outdoor space.
Our range of garden paving isn’t just for creating patios, however. Paving stones are the ideal choice if you want to lay a path or stepping stones that contrast effortlessly with the other colours and styles in your garden. We can also supply steps for that finishing touch.
With paving slabs available in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and materials, it can be hard to decide which product(s) are right for your dream garden. But we can help you make your final decision on the type of garden and patio tiles that will enable you to achieve your vision.


Colour can be an important consideration when choosing the right paving slabs for your garden, patio or landscaping project. Even if you’re unsure about textures or materials, many people do have a colour palette in mind – that’s why we offer a full spectrum in our garden paving range.

Shapes and sizes

Our range of paving comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you get the most out of your garden space. Every garden is different and we know as well as colours and materials you might also need a range of sizes and shapes depending on the style and size of your garden.


No product is completely maintenance-free. To keep your garden or patio looking its best for as long as possible, it can be worth thinking about these factors when choosing your garden slabs:

Use/purpose: What is the space you’re creating for? If it’s a heavy-use access path, you might prefer a more resilient material such as limestone or granite. It may also be worth considering a product with non-slip qualities.

Location: Where are you laying your garden paving? In some conditions, algae and moss growth can be a problem. But vitrified paving slabs can help reduce opportunities for organic growth. For swimming pool areas, consider concrete or natural stone paving.

Garden Path Stones for Outdoor Walkway

If you’re looking for garden path stones to create an eye-catching outdoor walkway, you’ll find the perfect option in our extensive range of pathway slabs or stones. Compliment your garden pathway with decorative edging to add the finishing touches to your lawn or flower beds.

Our Tiles Cropped Setts are an easy way to enhance beautiful traditional garden pathways, while our split Stone allow you to give your garden a stylish, traditional look.


A driveway is much more than just a practical, off-street place to park your car. An attractive and modern driveway can create a strong first impression. It also has the potential to increase the value of your home – especially if parking space is at a premium where you live.
Our driveway paving stone come in many styles, finishes and colours – and are available in a selection of stone materials.
Many of our driveway paving products have coordinating kerbs, walling, edging and circle features to complete your driveway transformation with a stunning design.