Noce Travertine

Noce travertine can range dramatically in color and will vary from light milk chocolate to dark brown. Noce will sometimes have hints of gold, red, or gray in it as well. Overall, Noce will present itself as a light to dark brown. Noce is a travertine quarried and produced in Iran.

Noce Travertine
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Noce Travertine: A Rich Tapestry of Earthy Tones

Noce Travertine, with its captivating spectrum of colors ranging from light milk chocolate to deep brown, offers a warm and inviting aesthetic. This unique stone occasionally features hints of gold, red, or gray, but it predominantly presents itself in various shades of brown. Quarried and produced in Iran, Noce Travertine is a harmonious blend of brown and beige earthy tones, making it a versatile choice for enhancing both interior and outdoor living spaces.

A Dynamic Stone in Different Light

One of the remarkable qualities of Noce Travertine is its ability to adapt to lighting conditions. In natural light and within large, open spaces, it tends to appear lighter, creating an airy and welcoming ambiance. This adaptability to different lighting scenarios makes it a preferred choice for many discerning individuals.

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The Italian Influence

The name “Noce” derives from the Italian word for “walnut,” a nod to the stone’s rich, brown hues. Noce Travertine is characterized by a distinctive structure and appearance that adds depth and character to any setting.

Versatility in Application

Noce Travertine’s versatility extends to a wide range of applications, thanks to its unique features. Whether you’re looking to enhance your living space or create stunning outdoor landscapes, Noce Travertine is up to the task.

Historical Significance

Noce Travertine has a historical legacy, having been used as a dark accent in ancient constructions within various empires. Its presence not only added aesthetic value but also durability to temples and buildings of historical significance.

Applications: Tiles, Pavers & Coping

Tumbled Noce Travertine finds its place in numerous design schemes, including:

  • Alfresco Areas: It creates inviting outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Landscaping: Enhance the beauty of gardens and outdoor landscapes.
  • Footpaths: Durable and visually appealing pathways.
  • Pool Surrounds: Slip-resistant and stunning poolside designs.
  • Water Features: Add elegance to water features with the timeless beauty of Noce Travertine.

The honed finish of Noce Travertine is ideal for indoor spaces filled with natural light, making it suitable for both floors and walls.

The Cost of Elegance: Is Noce Travertine Expensive?

Noce Travertine falls within the mid-range in terms of cost but stands at the higher end among flooring materials. Being a natural stone that requires quarrying, it carries a higher price tag compared to porcelain tiles. However, it is typically about half the price of marble.

Durable Yet Delicate

Noce Travertine strikes a balance between durability and delicacy. It can withstand the rigors of high foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for flooring in areas with heavy use. However, it’s important to note that it’s softer than granite and is susceptible to acid etching and staining. Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserve its beauty over time.

In conclusion, Noce Travertine is a testament to the timeless appeal of natural stone. Its rich and diverse brown tones, historical significance, and adaptability to different lighting conditions make it a cherished choice for enhancing both indoor and outdoor spaces. While it offers elegance and durability, it also demands care and attention to ensure it remains a lasting and captivating addition to any setting.

Processing Type :

  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Polished

noted: all the dimensions mentioned are in centimeters.

noted: The thickness is from 15 mm to 200 mm.