River Stone ( Pebble )

River Stone (Pebble Stone) is one of stone elements which can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces such as urban furniture around, gardens and flower pots, flower boxes, aquariums, green spaces and even artistic works due to its variety of colors and shapes. Every designer can use Pebble Stone (River Stone) on the Floor and roof garden – fountain – rip rap – gabion – and they can use them as a wall in garden and house and also they can use pebble stone (river stone) with concrete and glue and epoxy or resin.

Pebble Stone (River Stone) has many colors like white – Red – Honey –Green –Black and … and all of them are natural stone like marble – travertine – onyx and …. Pebble Stone (River Stone) have many shapes including round, angular and broken which would be packed in different ways and weights.

Be a Different with Negin stone and Pebblestone.

White River Stones (Pebbles)

White River Stones (Pebbles) are a beautiful pebble that will freshen up any path or garden, with their smooth, crisp look. They also make an ideal pebble for water features and around pools due to their refreshing natural appearance. These pebbles provide a nice contrast to plant foliage too. this color of pebble stone (river stone) is the famous color with best-selling actually this color can be matched with all color.

Black River Stones (Pebbles)

Black Natural River Stones (Pebbles) create a beautiful contrast to lightly rendered homes, garden and block walls, pool areas, etc. this Pebblestone (river stone) is the one of color that is best choice for match with white color.

Brown River Stones (Pebbles)

brown river stones (Pebbles) are very beautiful, that will brighten up any path, garden or water feature etc. brown river stones, these pebbles provide a warm feel to any surrounding, making them great for around entertainment areas.

Onyx River Stones

Onyx is the most important for a designer is the light and onyx pebble stone (river stone) can solve this problem because this pebble stone can passing the light through so because of that every designer wants to us this pebble stone indoor and outdoor Onyx is one of the most desirable and luxurious stones in the industry. With intense colors and unique band formations, it is often used with lighting vs backlighting to enhance its natural beauty.

Red River Stones

Red River Stones are the active color in your life and red pebble stone (river stone) is imagine active and be active in your life and it can match with dark color like black pebble stone so it is good choice for designer to match this color with dark color and create best design… Red River Stones create a classic look to all areas. It is the most suitable of all decorative pebbles as an alternative mulch in gardens.