International transport and inspection services

Shipping department of Negin Sang Kavir Co. is an active department responsible for arranging and sending shipments by land or sea depending on customer’s request, destination, budget, time and etc.
Sea transport is not practical to ship cargo when time is a key issue in delivery. The goods or cargo that gets transported by sea can be packaged into boxes, cases, pallets and bundles. Ocean containers are the most efficient way to ship the cargo. This company usually take the containers to the factory to have a safer loading using trained personnel and minimize damage and deterioration.
Land transport is also one of the earliest form of transporting cargo and good. It is very useful in transporting goods across borders which are not very far away. Just like sea cargo transportation, land shipment can transport goods of almost any size. Using trucks to transport goods via land is the most common mean of transportation. Another mode of land transportation beside trucks to deliver cargo over long distances can be trains which are a faster medium of shipment than trucks.
Shipping department actually take cares of a variety of activities such as getting freight quotations, loading, transportation, customs clearance, preparation and sending documents to the clients and the purpose of creating this department is generally to get the right shipment to the right place at the right time.
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