International shipping & inspection services

Our Company: Your Trusted Partner for Natural Stone Products

At our esteemed company, we take immense pride in positioning ourselves as your reliable partner in the realm of natural stone products. Our profound expertise spans across every facet of this industry, encompassing seamless overseas container exports, efficient overseas procurement to Europe, and the meticulous handling of goods within European borders.

In collaboration with you, we meticulously curate cost-effective transportation solutions, tailored precisely to your unique requirements. Be it through multimodal transport utilizing ocean-going vessels, inland navigation vessels, rail, road, or exclusive road transport, our capabilities are finely tuned to meet your distinct needs.

Our team possesses specialized knowledge in weight regulations, load security, and customs formalities. The cornerstone of our success is the trust vested in us by our valued customers, with an impressive track record of executing approximately 15,000 transport orders annually, a testament to our unrivaled industry acumen.

shipping department

Negin Stone Co. Shipping Department: Your Global Logistics Solution

Our dedicated shipping department at Negin Stone Co. serves as a dynamic force, orchestrating and expediting shipments, both by land and sea. We adhere rigorously to your unique prerequisites, destinations, budgets, and schedules. In cases where time-sensitive cargo is paramount, particularly for expedited deliveries, sea transport may not always present the most pragmatic choice.

For sea transport, our adept team meticulously packages your goods or cargo into boxes, cases, pallets, and bundles, leveraging ocean containers as the most efficient mode of shipment. Our unwavering commitment to safety and cargo preservation leads us to conduct container loading at the factory, ensuring secure handling by trained professionals, thereby minimizing the risk of damage and deterioration in transit.

Land transport, a venerable method of cargo conveyance, predominantly employs trucks as the preferred mode for the transportation of goods. For long-distance haulage, an alternative to road-based trucks is the utilization of trains, offering swifter shipments compared to their road-bound counterparts.

Within our shipping department, we undertake an expansive array of activities, encompassing obtaining freight quotations, managing loading procedures, orchestrating transportation logistics, overseeing customs clearance, meticulously preparing essential documents, and guaranteeing timely deliveries to our esteemed clients. Our overarching objective is to consistently deliver the right shipment to the right destination, at precisely the right time.

Our Motto: Unrivaled Service and Flexibility in Shipping

  • We extend highly competitive freight rates, with extensive capacity for high-volume shipments.
  • Our expertise spans all modes of transportation, facilitating connections from any origin to any destination across the globe.
  • We have forged enduring partnerships with leading carriers and agencies worldwide.

For further inquiries or to discuss your unique shipping requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at