Cream Beige Travertine

Cream Beige Travertine is a nice dense material with the consistent color movement of light to medium beige. This Cream Beige travertine is quarried and produced in Iran. Alive with a swirl of tans and creams, this gorgeous travertine is equally lovely for flooring, wall tile, and countertop applications. Achieve high style and natural good looks with this stunning collection of travertine.


Noce Travertine

Noce is a Travertine with a delightful caramel brown color. This stone has been use as a dark accent in ancient constructions in the Ottoman empire. This stone added value and durability to their temples and buildings.


Silver Travertine

Silver travertine is a chic color from the travertine family which is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. This silver colored natural stone has a porous structure and is often used in construction as a building material for houses, offices, hospitals, temples, shrines, swimming pools and bath complexes.


Red Travertine

The Red Travertine is one of the world’s most rare travertine varieties. The only origin of this beautiful red travertine is Iran. Vein cut Red Travertine normally has straight white and parallel red veins which are lighter or darker than the stone background color.


Yellow Travertine

Yellow Travertine is simply elegant. Travertine is a famous Persian travertine that has a homogenous yellow background. Yellow Travertine is good especially for exterior and interior walls. Firstly, Travertine tile will give your space a comfortable and natural look that is unique. Second, it will provide timeless beauty while accommodating heavy traffic.


Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used stones for residential and office flooring projects but can also be used as facade material and wall cladding. Because travertine tile is a completely natural stone, no two pieces are exactly alike which will create a very diversive pattern.

Travertine tile will give your space a comfortable and natural look that is unique and will provide timeless beauty while accommodating heavy traffic. In addition, adding a travertine tile floor will very likely increase the value of your home.

The surface of Travertine is pitted with tiny, irregular holes and generally has ribbons or bands of color running through the tile.
Pure, white travertine is rare. More often the stone is colored because iron or naturally occurring organic impurities affected the stone while it was forming. The stone comes in a wide range of warm colors that can work with different design palates. The color could be anywhere from white, cream, tan, brown, golden, or caramel to a yellow, red or gray.

When it comes time to grout you will have to decide on the look you prefer. There are two techniques for grouting the travertine. The naturally existing holes can be Filled or left Unfilled. This is also called Antique Fill or Natural Look. When you plan to fill the holes the grout you select should be color-matched to the tile. The holes can also be filled with dust resin or an epoxy.

Some favor the natural, warm look of the open holes, whereas others fancy the more polished, finished look of the filled holes. Whichever option you choose, the job is made easier by sealing the tiles first before you grout.

Iranian Travertine products consist all types of tiles, with various finishings as well as honed & polished, tumbled, brushed, antique with chiseled edged, and Mosaic pattern compatible for using in floor and wall covering (Indoor and outdoor), Kitchen, Bathroom, interior design garden, commercial and office place.

Travertine is very calming for floors and compatible with the environment . This type of Travertine has a high resistance against cold and heat as well as slippery because of the holes on its surface and is very suitable for open spaces. Passing of time does not have any effects on its quality due to its natural surface and 3cm thickness of this stone has provided the movement of vehicles on it without any problems.