Yellow Travertine

Yellow travertine is suitable for use in interior, exterior and floor of the building. This stone is one of the most unique travertine stones in Iran with world fame. Yellow is one of the most popular complementary colors in building facades. Yellow Natural stone is used as a complementary stone to create contrast in the building facade. This stone is also widely used in the walls of parking and building lobbies. Yellow travertine is one of the most popular materials combined with refractory brick in the facade of the building.

Raw and processed travertine stone has significant global demand. This stone has a very high resistance against sunlight, cold and heat and also has good polishing. Therefore, this stone is suitable for all building spaces, including stone facades, interior spaces and paving, and is also used in the manufacture and processing of various stone artifacts and decorative works, including sculpture.

Travertines can be cut in two directions due to being layered. If the travertine stone is cut parallel to these plates, the image of these layers will fall on the stone in a cloud, which is called cross-cut. If the cutting plane moves perpendicular to these plates, it is called Vein-cut, in which case the image of the constituent plates on the cut plate is the image of parallel lines.

Tumbled Yellow Travertine
Tumbled Yellow Travertine
Acid washed Yellow Travertine
Tumbled Yellow Travertine
Brushed Yellow Travertine
Brushed Yellow Travertine
Book matched Yellow Travertine
Brushed Yellow Travertine Slab
Honed Yellow Travertine Slab
Yellow Travertine Mosaic
Yellow Travertine Step
Yellow Travertine Paver

Processing Kinds of Yellow Travertine:

  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Polished

noted: all the dimensions mentioned are in centimeters.

noted: The thickness is from 15 mm to 200 mm.

sizes :

  • 100×100
  • 80×80
  • 60×60
  • 60×40
  • 40×40
  • 30×30

pattern Set
Free length

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