Since 1976, Negin Stone (Negin Sang Kavir LLC) has manufactured and exported Iranian natural stones from its three locally quarries for consumption in tile, slab, paver, and cut-to-size applications. The Milan Stone branch of this corporation began operations in Italy with a significant warehouse and showroom in Milan. The most well-known and popular materials we have are Beige travertine, Gohare, Silver travertine, Classic marble, Vanak & Brown Limestone (Elixir), and Bella Travertine Noce, which are produced with modern technology using machinery from (Breton & Pedrini) in Italy.

Italy, Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Qatar, and other 30 nations are the primary foreign markets for commodities produced by Negin Sang Kavir LLC.


1976: The Birth of Excellence                                                                                   

Our story begins with the establishment of our first factory. With a vision to craft the finest Iranian natural stones, Negin Stone took its first step towards a legacy of excellence.

1991: Growing Stronger                                                                                             

Fueling our passion for quality, we expanded our horizons by founding the second factory. This marked a significant milestone in our journey, fortifying our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.

2005: Setting New Standards                                                                                   

Driven by the pursuit of perfection, we embarked on a journey of expansion. Our first factory underwent significant development, enabling us to elevate our products to new heights of beauty and quality.

2007: Unveiling the World’s Beauty                                                                          

The world deserved to witness the splendor of Iranian natural stones. In 2007, we proudly initiated our stone export ventures, sharing the timeless allure of Negin Stone with global admirers.

2009: A Masterpiece in the Making                                                                              

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we launched our slab line. This innovative step allowed us to showcase the sheer brilliance of our stones in the form of exquisite slabs, a true work of art.

2018: Embracing Italy                                                                                                  

To foster a deeper connection with our international customers, we spread our wings to Italy, inaugurating our Italian office. This step marked the global recognition of Negin Stone as a symbol of trust and quality.

2020: Pinnacle of Perfection                                                                                       

As we entered 2020, our journey reached new heights. Our factory development epitomised our commitment to pushing boundaries, ensuring that Negin Stone remains at the forefront of the natural stone industry.

With each milestone, we have nurtured a legacy of excellence that spans continents and delights countless hearts. As we forge ahead, we carry our history as a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting the most exquisite Iranian natural stones the world has ever seen.


Central to our success is our meticulously chosen team of professional inspectors, whose expertise ensures that we deliver not only reliable but also truly professional service to our esteemed customers. They are the guardians of quality, meticulously scrutinising each product to meet and exceed our exacting standards.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to maintaining uncompromising quality. Our commitment to constant quality control permeates every step of our process, from sourcing the finest raw materials to the final inspection before dispatch. This unyielding dedication to excellence is the backbone of our international reputation for reliability.



Mr. Mahmood Karimi
+98 31 46412211
Whatsapp: +98 913 129 4681
Email: mahmood@neginstone.com

Internal Sales Expert

Mr. Amin Labbaf
+98 31 46412211
Whatsapp: +98 913 030 0196
Email: factory@neginstone.com

Foreign Sales Expert

Ms. Shadi Karimi
+98 31 46412211
Whatsapp: +98 910 118 5343
Email: info@neginstone.com


Negin Stone is proud of exhibiting its exquisite collection of natural stone products in three prestigious locations in three diffrent countries: Isfahan, Milan, and Dubai. These showrooms demonstrate our dedication to providing our valued customers with an enjoyable and immersive stone shopping experience.

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