Mosaic Stone

Natural stone mosaic tile surfaces have adorned interior spaces for thousands of years and in many cultures.The Stone Mosaic series is a grand collection of coordinating Travertine mosaics and Limestone and Marble.

brick stone wall
stone top for brick wall
brick and stone wall
3d mosaic tile
3d cube mosaic tile

Antique Mosaic

Mosaic is a term used for creating images with an assemblage of small, flat, roughly square pieces of colored stone that are laid upon a mesh for quick installation. This stone is quite natural and suitable for installation in the different parts of the building including kitchen, bathroom floor and back-splashes, pool and jacuzzi.

Antique Rustic Stone

Classical Tiles and Rustic Tiles are the popularit Tiles. Some fashions in tiles change quite quickly but rustic tiles are prized to their warmth and timeless qualities Throughout History, tiles have been the floor and wall covering of choice for those civilizations seeking to create stunning and durable floor and wall coverings. To help you follow in their footsteps we source some of the finest natural and reproduction classic and rustic tiles on the market today.

Rustic stones are a kind of stone with the high thickness which are cut around and usually creates a regular geometric shape during installation. These stones are natural and no chemical is used in their production.

Antique Chiseled Stone

Chiseled stone bricks are a special type of stone brick. Chisel is a kind of process in which the edges of stones are broken by machine or hand.

Antique Grooved Stone

Grooved Stone represent a timeless classic whose surface is characterized by a network of parallel and straight grooves, more or less spaced from each other. The stone lines can be parallel to the sides of the slab or, alternatively, placed diagonally; in other cases, the lines in this stone finish can be arranged in such a way as to create particular geometries on the grooved stone surface. Like all stone tile finishes that affect the smoothness of the stone surface, even grooved stone is a stone finish recommended for outdoor applications due to the resistance to weather and atmospheric agents and the anti-slip qualities that grooved stone acquires.

Antique Brick Stone

Most of old buildings in Iran have been built by brick since ancient times and Iranians have been especially interested in bricks and brick-shaped designs. That’s why Negin Sang Kavir Co. started to produce these brick stones as a new product. These products are the same as natural stones in terms of material and no transformation operation such as cooking is performed on them. For this reason, they are highly resistant against climate conditions and the natural form of stone is kept on the facade of building.