Welcoming you to Negin Stone’s Interior Design Showcase!

At Negin Stone, we believe that every space has a narrative to tell, and our exquisite collection of natural stones brings these stories to life. we invite you, with immense pride, to investigate the universe of interior design possibilities offered by our exceptional materials.

Negin Stone has been at the forefront of creating enduring elegance from the center of Iran’s natural beauty for over four decades. From the rustic appeal of Beige Travertine to the opulent appeal of Classic Marble, our selection reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and artistic expression.

Our Milan Stone branch in Italy exemplifies the synthesis of Iranian and Italian artistry. As we present our collection to you, we invite architects, designers, and aesthetic connoisseurs to reimagine extraordinary interiors.

Each stone that we excavate, shape, and refine exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Our collaboration with esteemed manufacturers Breton and Pedrini ensures that each marble is a work of art, meticulously crafted to add authenticity and splendor to interiors.

The materials of Negin Stone have been used in residences, hotels, commercial spaces, and architectural marvels in thirty countries. Our presence in global markets demonstrates the universal appeal of nature’s most magnificent creations.

As we embark on this design exploration journey, I invite you to imbue your endeavors with the essence of Negin Stone. Allow the play of light on our Silver Travertine to captivate your senses and the warmth of Gohare to envelop your spaces. With our extensive selection of versatile materials, your imagination is the only limit.

Thank you for thinking of Negin Stone as your interior design associate. Let’s work together to design interiors that exude elegance, individuality, and the enduring beauty of nature.

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