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In order to provide a better introduction and greater familiarity with Negin Stone Company, we have included videos in this section showcasing various aspects of the stone factory, products, mines, production line, and the facility. We strive to create an accessible platform so that you can easily visit our factory from anywhere in Iran and the world. For this purpose, you can explore different sections at Negin Stone  both through the presented videos and by taking a virtual tour with us to walk through the factory and mines.


Negin Stone is a producer and exporter of various types of building stones that has managed to establish its name as one of the top suppliers of stone for both domestic and international projects. The company has earned the title of an exemplary exporter and has demonstrated collaboration with municipal authorities and government agencies, proving customer satisfaction and the high quality of our products.


Exclusive Quarries of Us

Our Exclusive Quarries include Cream Travertine, Grey and Brown Marble, and Light Grey Limestone. For more information, click on the names of the Quarries.

Stone Factory (Production Line)

Utilizing a production line with Italian machinery and collaborating with skilled personnel has enabled us to deliver high-quality and customized products to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


The procurement of high-quality stones with strong support is one of the achievements of Negin Stone. At Negin Stone, you can place your orders at any moment and deliver your projects without delay.


Negin Stone’s factory, located in Isfahan Province, in the Sajzi Industrial Town, has launched offices in Milan, Italy, and Dubai. This expansion aims to enhance activities, better showcase their products, and establish improved communication with clients.


With over half a century of experience and the expertise of our dedicated personnel, we have succeeded in exporting our products to more than 30 countries worldwide. It is worth mentioning that this company has been successful in supplying products for numerous international projects.


Our products consist of four groups: marble, travertine, limestone, and granite, which are produced and sold in various colors and sizes. Additionally, luxury products such as sinks and vanities are available in various designs.


Negin Stone’s annual presence at international and domestic exhibitions is a step towards introducing the products and services of Negin Stone


We are proud to have showcased the beauty of Iranian stone in international projects by providing top-quality raw materials.


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