Negin Stone Tiles are a collection of ceramic tiles with a number of designs, sizes, and varieties. Negin Stonetiles is Iran’s is one of the most versatile ceramic range of tiles truly created to match the new Lifestyles which encompasses beauty, safety, and concern for the environment along with aesthetics suiting to most popular interior styles like we’re here to help you bring your landscaping visions to life. Whether you want to create stylish outdoor dining spaces, a stunning pool area, a sophisticated stone driveway or features like garden walls and piers, our products are designed to deliver the beauty and functionality you need. If you’re looking for inspiration, download one of our outdoor living catalogs. This gives you the opportunity to browse through our product lines, all of which come with a lifetime warranty. You’ll also be able to see real examples of our products in use, giving you endless ideas for ways to improve your residential or commercial outdoor space. In many cases, it’s difficult to envision how different paving stones or wall stones will affect the look of an outdoor area. Our catalogs are packed with full-color images to give you a closer look at our stones as well as real-life installations you can use for inspiration. See how patterns and textures appear on a larger scale when creating a stone driveway or walkway. Look at unique examples of paving stone features, such as fire pit areas and inlays. See different color options to find the best match for your outdoor space. With our catalogs, it’s easy to dream up ideas for your own paving stone installations. While seeing examples of our products in action is certainly a major benefit of downloading a Paving Stone catalog, you’ll also get useful information in these guides. Download our catalogs for free to get started on enhancing your outdoor living spaces. Bathroom | Kitchen | Terrace | Staircase | Swimming Pool | Landscaping

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