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Pietra Grey Marble Stone: Characteristics and Architectural Applications

Pietra Grey Marble (Lashtor) Stone is one of the decorative and architectural stones with a rich history, widely used in both interior and exterior decorations of buildings. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of this beautiful stone and its applications in the construction industry.

Pietra Grey Marble Honed
Pietra Grey Marble Sandblasted
Pietra Grey Marble Bush Hammered
سنگ مرمریت لاشتر Pietra Grey Marble Stone

Characteristics of Pietra Grey Marble Stone

Color and Appearance

Pietra Grey Marble Stone exhibits a wide spectrum of colors ranging from white, gray, pink to natural brown. This color diversity makes it a suitable choice for various construction projects.

Texture and Density

Pietra Grey Marble Stone, with its homogeneous texture and appropriate density, boasts high resistance to pressure and heat compared to other construction stones. These properties make it an ideal material for construction in diverse conditions.

Flexibility in Size and Shape

Pietra Grey Marble Stone is easily adjustable and cut, allowing architects and designers to incorporate it into projects with different shapes and dimensions.

Architectural Applications

Flooring and Wall Coverings

Since ancient times, Pietra Grey Marble Stone has been utilized as a practical material for flooring and wall coverings. The various colors and patterns of this stone enhance the beauty and diversity of both interior and exterior spaces.

Building Facades

The use of Pietra Grey Marble Stone in building facades adds a special charm and magnificence. Given its color variety, this stone has the ability to create unique and astonishing facades.

Columns and Substructures

The resistance of Petra Grey Marble Stone to pressure and other external forces makes it an ideal choice for columns and building substructures. This stone, with its durability, maintains its elegance in architectural decorations.


Pietra Grey Marble Stone, with its unique characteristics and construction capabilities, has gained attention as a construction material and is employed in various construction projects.

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