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An Overview of Various Types of Iranian Marble: Introduction, Pricing, and Sales

Marble, as a valuable and aesthetically pleasing natural stone, finds extensive usage in construction, interior and exterior decoration, and sculptural arts. Iran is among the countries where various types of marble are produced and extracted. This article aims to introduce different types of Iranian marble, their value, pricing, and market for sales.

Types of Iranian Marble:

  1. Qeshm Marble: This type of marble exhibits various colors such as white, yellow, brown, and gold. Its texture is usually inclined towards fine-grained and compact.
  2. Kashan Marble: Iranian Kashan marble comes in colors like white, gray, and brown and is extracted through both manual and industrial methods.
  3. Isfahan Marble: Isfahan marble has a smoother texture and a wider range of colors compared to other types. Colors such as pink, brown, gray, and white are observed in it.
  4. Yazd Marble: Yazd marble features white and gray colors with a doughy and fibrous texture. It is commonly used for covering walls and floors in architectural and decorative projects.
  5. Kerman Marble: Kerman marble comes in various colors including yellow, brown, and red with different textures. Due to its beauty and color diversity, it is used in construction and interior and exterior decoration.
  6. Hormozgan Marble: This type of marble showcases various colors such as white, yellow, pink, and brown. Its texture often includes natural patterns and motifs, adding a unique beauty to it.
  7. Lorestan Marble: Lorestan marble is available in colors like gray, brown, and gold with different textures including doughy and fibrous. It finds usage in buildings and interior and exterior decorations.

Value and Applications of Marble:

Marble, due to its beauty, durability, and strength, is widely used in various construction projects, interior and exterior decoration, furniture, and decorative arts. Additionally, the use of marble in some sculptures is also common.

Pricing and Sales Market:

The price of marble varies depending on its type, color, dimensions, and quality. In local and international markets, marble is offered at different prices ranging from average to high. The sale of this stone is carried out wholesale and retail in warehouses, specialized stone shops, and exhibitions showcasing building materials.


Iranian marble, with its color diversity, texture, and quality, is one of the high-quality products of the country’s mining industry, extensively used in the construction industry and decoration. Paying attention to the various types of Iranian marble and selecting the appropriate one according to needs and intended use is crucial.

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