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Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk marble stands as a testament to timeless beauty, making it a perfect choice for the floors and walls of upscale lobbies and luxury spaces. It boasts two distinct background colors, light gray and dark gray, and is often crafted into tiles and slabs. While some may consider its color variations a drawback, many architects view this diversity as a unique advantage. Persian Silk marble truly reveals its natural splendor once it graces a space. Its qualities include excellent polishing capabilities, low water absorption, and remarkable strength.

The Allure of Persian Silk Slabs

With its simple gray backdrop adorned with intricate white veins and cloud-like patterns, Persian Silk Marble has become highly sought after in modern architectural designs. At Negin Stone, we maintain a specific inventory of Persian Silk slabs, offering them to our global clients at competitive prices.

These slabs open up creative possibilities for book-match and diamond-match designs, creating stunning and exquisite aesthetics. Persian Silk Marble is like a gray silk fabric, effortlessly infusing luxury, serenity, and modernism into any space. Its timeless appeal is anchored in its understated gray hue.

Characterized by robust white veins and cloud-like formations in varying directions and thicknesses, Persian Silk Marble is exceptionally durable, exhibits minimal water absorption, and boasts a silky luster that adds to its appeal.

Versatile Applications of Persian Silk Stone

Persian Silk finds its place as a highly attractive stone suitable for flooring and wall applications in opulent lobbies and luxury establishments. Available in light gray and dark gray backgrounds, it is often crafted into tiles and slabs. The stone’s ability to showcase a rich spectrum of colors after its installation is a defining feature. Furthermore, it excels in sanding, exhibits low water absorption, and possesses impressive strength.

Applications of Persian Silk Marble:

Flooring: It creates a captivating charm for interiors, making it suitable for luxury hotels, spacious shopping malls, and modern residential flooring.

Staircases: Persian Silk Marble can be used for staircase parts and elevator edges, adding a touch of elegance to vertical spaces.

Lobby Walls and Interiors: Its color uniformity makes it an attractive choice for paving and facades in interiors at an affordable price compared to similar stones.

Parking Floors: Its high abrasion resistance makes it suitable for parking floors, ensuring longevity and durability.

Stylish Commercial and Residential Units: Persian Silk Marble enhances the aesthetic appeal of both commercial and residential spaces, bringing an air of sophistication.

Discover the Excellence of Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk Marble captures the essence of luxury and versatility. Its captivating appearance and remarkable qualities make it a preferred choice for architects, designers, and builders seeking to elevate their projects with a touch of opulence.

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