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Silver Travertine Sandblasted Brushed

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Noted: The thickness is from 15 mm to 200 mm.

Sandblasted | Bush hammered | Honed | Brushed | Tumbled | Polished

Discover Timeless Elegance with Silver Travertine: Unveiling the Beauty of Sandblasted and Brushed Finishes

Elevate your space with the enduring charm of Silver Travertine, a natural stone celebrated for its classic appeal and versatility. Our Silver Travertine, with its stunning combination of sandblasted and brushed finishes, brings a touch of timeless sophistication to any environment.

Unveiling the Beauty:

Silver Travertine Sandblasted Finish: A Tactile Symphony Experience the luxury of our sandblasted finish, where fine grains of sand gracefully enhance the natural texture of Silver Travertine. This tactile symphony not only pleases the senses but also reveals subtle variations in color and veining, narrating a captivating story of geological history. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, this finish adds depth and character to your space, creating captivating focal points.

Brushed Finish: Striking the Perfect Balance Complementing the rugged allure of sandblasting, our brushed finish adds a refined touch to Silver Travertine. By gently brushing the surface with abrasive tools, we achieve a textured look that doesn’t compromise the stone’s inherent smoothness. The result is a delicate interplay of shadows and highlights, enhancing the stone’s ability to reflect light. With this balance between texture and polish, Silver Travertine becomes a versatile choice for spaces where sophistication meets a hint of the wild.

Endless Design Versatility:

Indoor and Outdoor Oasis: Silver Travertine with sandblasted and brushed finishes opens doors to endless design possibilities. Outdoors, its earthy tones seamlessly blend with natural surroundings, making it perfect for patios, walkways, and pool decks. Indoors, transform your living spaces with stunning feature walls, fireplace surrounds, and kitchen backsplashes, embodying both contemporary aesthetics and timeless allure.

Durability Meets Aesthetics:

Robust Beauty for High-Traffic Areas: Beyond its visual and tactile appeal, Silver Travertine is renowned for its durability. Whether gracing the floors of high-traffic areas or enhancing the beauty of your living space, our stone’s robust nature ensures a lasting investment. The sandblasted and brushed finishes not only enhance resilience against wear and tear but also create a surface less susceptible to marks or scratches.


Embrace the enduring beauty of Silver Travertine with sandblasted and brushed finishes, where timeless elegance meets modern versatility. Elevate your design vision and create spaces that stand the test of time. Choose Silver Travertine for a touch of sophistication that transforms any environment into an oasis of enduring beauty.


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