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Gemstone in construction: uses, strengths and weaknesses

Gohare, as a beautiful and valuable component, has wide applications in the field of construction. In this article, the applications of gem stone in construction and its strengths and weaknesses are discussed.

Applications of gohare in construction :

Floors and paths : In the outer spaces of the building, gohare limestone is used as a suitable material for floors and paths. Its resistance to pressure and wear makes it ideal for use in high-traffic environments.

Exterior of the building : Gohare can be well used in the exterior of buildings and strengthen them in terms of beauty and strength. This use is very effective in creating modern and classy designs.

Covering walls and surfaces : gohare limestone is well used in covering walls and surfaces of buildings due to its beauty and variety of colors. These stones can give buildings a luxurious and stylish look.

Gohare limestone strengths in construction :

Beauty : Gohare with special designs and attractive colors gives buildings beauty and added value.

Resistance to pressure and wear : These stones are a good choice for flooring and exterior due to their dense structure and high resistance to pressure.

Durability in the long term : Due to its resistance to atmospheric factors and its natural beauty, gemstones have good durability in the long term.

Weakness of Gohare in construction :

High cost : extraction and processing of gohare limestone is expensive and this cost may affect the building.

Sensitivity to some acids : Some types of gohare are sensitive to acids, which may be negatively affected in some conditions.

maintenance : Some types of gohare limestone require careful maintenance to preserve their beauty and characteristics.

Summary : Gohare Limestone has a special place in the construction industry with its beauty features, resistance to pressure and wear, and wide applications. According to its strengths and weaknesses, choosing according to the specific conditions of each project can help to optimize the use of this stone in buildings.

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