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Let’s know a little about Isfahan travertine stone

Isfahan Travertine

Isfahan and then central provinces, Yazd and Azarbaijan have the most travertine mines in the country. For example, Isfahan is known as the stone pole of the Middle East. Especially all kinds of travertine stones with different quality levels, colors and designs are extracted in the mines of this province. This abundance and variety has made it easy to find cheap and affordable types of travertine in this province. This advantage has caused applicants from all over the country to travel to this province to buy Isfahan travertine.

Key points before buying Isfahan travertine stone

To make the right choice in your purchase, be sure to pay attention to the following points:
Know the types of Isfahan travertine.
Pay attention to the pores on the stone.
Know the capabilities of Isfahan stone.
Also consider travertine treatments.
Before buying, check the efficiency of the stone you want.
Check the appearance of the stone.
Agree before making a deal.

Travertine types of Isfahan

Different mines located in different parts of Isfahan province also produce different travertines. In fact, each mine has travertines of different quality, color, design and resistance based on the local climate where it is located and many other factors.
For example, there are types of Petro travertine, Abbas Abad, Takab travertine, Abianeh travertine and Dere Bokhari travertine in beige, white, gray, cream, brown, red and chocolate colors, from which you can choose the best option.

Surfaces and cavities:
Before buying, you should know that there are different types of Isfahan stone with different quality levels in the market, for example, more holes means higher moisture absorption and more possibility of vulnerability. It is very important to pay attention to the holes and voids on the surface of the stone, the more the number And the volume of these holes is more, the quality of the stone is lower and its price is cheaper.

Capabilities of Isfahan travertine stone:
Isfahan travertine is classified as sedimentary limestone. One of the important features of Isfahan travertine stones is its resistance to water and moisture, this feature has made it possible to easily use these stones in wet areas, the interior of the building or even the exterior of the building.

Therefore, before buying, you should know that if you are going to use this stone on the exterior of the building in a rainy area, it is necessary to cover it with sealant. Of course, to strengthen these stones, their surface is epoxy to increase their resistance against moisture and water impact. Nevertheless, Isfahan travertine is used as a facade stone all over the country, and the result is satisfactory. Of course, the beauty of this stone is also one of the reasons for its widespread use.

Isfahan travertine processing

Polished: makes the stone shiny and shiny and gives it a luxurious effect. Polished travertine reflects light well.
Brushed: The stone has a natural appearance and there are different textures on its surface.
Honed: Makes the surface of the stone matte and uniform.
Tumbled: In this processing, a natural appearance is created just like leather, but the corners of the stone are completely smooth.

If you wish, you can know a little more about the processes, read more

Efficiency of Isfahan travertine stone

Note that each type of travertine is suitable for a different part of construction. Therefore, it is impossible to buy and use any type of travertine for any part of the building.
For example, if you are going to use travertine stones for paving the building or stairs, it is better to choose stones that are very thick. Because the thicker the stone, the higher its resistance. Also, for the facade of the building, you should pay more attention to the appearance features, including the color, as well as the non-stainability of the stone.

Price dependencies of travertine stone

The price of Isfahan travertine stone depends on many factors, because there are different types of travertine stone and this makes them different in terms of price.
These factors are:

– Travertine stone color
– The amount of porosity in the rock
– Dimensions of travertine stone
– The uniformity of the stone texture in the high area
– Travertine stone processing quality

The characteristics of Isfahan province in the processing of construction stones
Due to its special geographical conditions, Isfahan province has become one of the most important producers of minerals in the country, including stone. Currently, about 400 stone mines are operating in Isfahan province. Decorative stones and construction stones are the most important products of Isfahan mines. These stones include all kinds of building stones, marble, marble, granite and travertine.

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