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What is the block?

Natural stone blocks

A block is a raw stone that is cut into cubes or rectangular cubes using highly advanced machines and a chain saw machine. These blocks of stones are divided into three categories in terms of quality and size,They are :

– Single block
– Two blocks
– Three blocks

Introducing the block and its usage

– Single block
Single block stones (grade one), due to the high quality of single blocks, these stones have a very high variety of colors, they have no cracks and fractures, and the shape of these single blocks is hexagonal and their average weight is 26 tons.

– Two blocks
In fact, two block stones form one single block stone. The weight of these blocks is less than a single block and they have grade B quality. Due to the lower weight, instead of one stone, two stones are loaded and their appearance is usually a cube or a rectangular cube.

– Three blocks
All three blocks form a single block stone, and it also has less weight than single block and two blocks and is among grade C products (stones smaller than three blocks are called rubble).

Advantages and disadvantages the blocks

– Resistant to weather, pests, mold and fire, it can be very expensive to transport.
– Available in different sizes, finishes and colors.
– These stones are big, heavy and hard, so they need more manpower and equipment, their price can be different depending on the region, type of stone, extraction cost, etc.

Blocks that have a regular geometric shape are usually cut with a saw and turned into slab stones, for block stones with irregular shapes and stones that cannot be cut by a saw, they are used with a stone cutting machine and cut them. They are converted into tiles or stone ingots and square tiles with dimensions of 30×30, 40×40, 50×50, 60×60 and 80×80.

Today, various types of marble blocks, granite blocks, marble blocks, etc. are exported from the country to different parts of the world, and in the meantime, the exported marble block has many fans in the world of decoration and sculpture, various types of marble blocks, traonix, granite, etc. which are not available in Iran are also imported to Iran from countries such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, etc.
As long as the block does not have Gap, porosity, etc., it has more quality and is effective on the price. All building stones are extracted from the mine in the form of blocks, but the cutting tools used depend on the type of stone.

Introducing the Different block

All natural stones are extracted from mines and sent to factories in the form of different blocks (the necessary explanations have been provided in advance) for processing into slabs, tiles, etc., block stone is evident in the following types:

– Travertine
– Marble
– Granite
– Sandstone
– Limestone
– onyx
– Traunix
– Basalt
– Andesite
– Quartz and …

The above are various minerals that are mined in Iran.

Improper dimensions of blocks

Maybe you have wondered if there are stones with smaller dimensions than usual or with irregular geometric shapes? In the answer, it should be said yes, these stones are turned into tile stones and… with a cutting machine, the next stage is the production of slabs, tiles, paving stones, etc., which takes place in factories.

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