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Pietra Grey Marble

The high quality and reasonable price of this stone have made it known as the most used stone in Iran. Pietra Grey Marble is exploited and extracted from the Lashotor mountains of Isfahan and is known by the same name.

Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble is a black or gray stone that is world famous, although its gray type is more popular in other countries.
This stone is classified into different types based on the color of the stone and the number of veins in the stone.
Gray marble is known as Pietra in the world and is particularly popular and is considered one of the best-selling stones.


Processes that can be used on this product :
– Polished
– Honed
– Brushed
– Sandblasted (Machine and manual)
– Sandblasted – Brushed
– Bush-Hammered
– Bush-Hammered Brushed
– Tumbled
– Acid-Wash

Also, Pietra Grey Marble will be cut in dimensions of 40 length, 60×60, 40×60, 40×40, 30×30, 20×20, 10×10 etc. and as Tile’s, Slab’s, and of course the custom dimensions that you are considering.

Pietra Grey (Bush-Hammered Brushed)

Pietra Grey with white Veins, when it is marketed with Bush-Hammered Brushed processing, attracts many fans because it has a special effect and has a good position in domestic and foreign markets.
Due to its high resistance, Pietra Grey Marble is used in buildings and places with busy place.
The Bush-Hammered processing of gray Pietra Grey Marble prevents slippage, while its Brushed texture makes this stone look modern and stylish.

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Features of Pietra Grey Bush-Hammered Brushed :

– Non-slip surface due to bush-hammered processing.
– Non-absorption of pollution due to brushed processing.
– Suitable for floors and busy place environments due to ease of cleaning and stone resistance.
– Non-reactivity to fat and stains.
– Light reflection in lighting.
– High pressure resistance.
– No erosion and damage in different weather conditions.
– No erosion and damage in a long period of time.

Application of Pietra Grey Marble :

– Walls (interior and exterior of the building).
– Flooring, parking floor.
– Corridor staircase and building stairs.
– Toilet and bathroom.
– around the pool (due to the non-slip surface and low moisture absorption).Pietra Grey Marble guillotine

Guillotine processing

It is a stone with a natural appearance without polishing and processing, which has many uses in the construction industry since ancient times.
The surface of the stone is uneven and the reason for that is the hammer blows that are applied to it during the exploitation of the stone.
The stone is also known as Malon stone and has many fans in domestic and foreign markets.
The unevenness of this stone gives it a voluminous and prominent appearance that doubles its beauty and naturalness.
Its dark and special color also makes it not limited in combination with many other stones in decoration.

The use of the guillotine

Due to the high resistance and uneven surface of this stone, it is widely used in cold and rainy areas with unfavorable weather conditions.
This stone is widely used for bridge construction, tunnel construction, all types of load-bearing and non-bearing walls, sloping surfaces, paving (yard, parking, sidewalk), staircase, and in some cases, interior and exterior decorative purposes.

Advantages of the guillotine

– High resistance.
– Resistant to cold and frost and other weather conditions.
– Non-slippery.
– Easy and convenient installation.
– Natural and different appearance.

Pietra Grey Bush Hammered

Pietra Grey hammered by two methods, manual and machine, of course, the manual type is more in demand in the world.
With this operation, the stone becomes lighter, its slipperiness decreases because its friction surface increases and the stone becomes more resistant.

Pietra Grey Marble Cubic

Cubic stone has the same main characteristics as Pietra Grey Marble, i.e. it is resistant, waterproof, and it is exported to neighboring countries and other foreign countries in different cuts of blocks, slabs, tiles, and cubes.
These stones are widely used in outdoor landscaping, and they are also easy to install and implement.
The dimensions and thickness of these stones are usually produced in dimensions of 10 x 10 x 10 and 10 x 10 x 5 cm. These stones can also be produced in customized sizes.

The reason for the price difference in Pietra Grey Marble cubic

– Kinds and types of stones
– Type of stone processing
– Stone cutting quality
– Regularity and smoothness of the faces of the stones
– Dimensions of cubic stones
– Depth and height of rocks
– Sorting of stones
– Grading the quality of stones

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