Negin Stone

سنگ گرانیت

This product can be used for interior and exterior surfaces and the facade of the building. Black granite has very high resistance and quality. The reason for the high strength and resistance of black granite is the presence of silica in its main structure and it consists of molten masses that They have emerged as a result of intense volcanic eruptions and due to the high strength of this type of stone, it can be used in building facades and in different environments.

Features of black granite

One of the most important features of the product is the color of the stone, which is not lost and remains constant.

In Negin Stone, we usually extract this product from several mines and present it to the market by making many changes on them.
Before buying this stone, be sure to get enough information about them and make your purchase according to the desired environment.

Usually, this type of stone is used in pavements, sidewalks, and interior and exterior spaces (facade of the building), so these stones have good polishability and can be prepared in different shapes.

Advantages of black granite

The materials used in this product are renewable and not harmful to the environment.
This stone can be installed in many environments due to its resistance to heat and high temperature.
It has the ability to adapt to other materials and can be easily implemented in different environments.
This product has special beauty and charm and is resistant to water and humidity.

Types of granite stones

Granite includes two types, natural and colored, among which the following can be mentioned :

– Natanz black granite
– Khatam green granite
– Chocolate Valley Khorram granite
– Alamut black granite
– Forest granite
– Zahedan white granite
– Yazd red granite
– White granite
– Tuisarkan black granite
– Borujerd white granite
– Taibad peach granite
– Khorram Dare Talai granite
– Zanjan Peach Granite
– Birjand granite
– Maragheh white granite
– Mashhad pearl granite
– Natanz cotton flower granite
– Nhavandan granite of cotton flower
– Jokar Borujerd granite
– Orange granite
– Bahareh granite, Zanjan

Alamut black granite

Alamut black granite is widely used for kitchen counters, stairs, building floors and facades.
This product is one of the best-selling and healthiest granites, and it is most widely used in building walls, floors, stairs, and cabinets.
In terms of color, Alamut granite is one of the black stones with white grains.
This type of stone has a very high permeability.
Alamut granite mines are located in Qazvin province in Alamut region.
There are several granite mines in this area, among them the complex of Aghdhak, Aghcheri and Zini mines.

Natanz white granite

Natanz white granite quarries are located in the 5th kilometer of Natanz Kashan road.
Natanz white granite is one of the widely used stones in the construction industry.
Natanz white granite has many quarries in the vicinity of each other, each of which has slight differences from each other in terms of appearance and technology.
The white granite of Natanz often has a good uniformity, and white shali can be seen in the white granite.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What are the most important advantages of granite stone?
Granite is the most resistant stone in the market, which is very durable against heat, heat and fire. For this reason, it is used a lot in the design of kitchen decoration and its walls.

– What are the most important disadvantages of granite as a building stone?
One of the biggest disadvantages of granite stones is its high price and high installation cost, which is very high compared to other products.

– Considering the advantages and disadvantages of granite stone, is it correct to use it in the building?
Although the advantages of granite stone are more than its disadvantages and it has high durability and strength, but its disadvantages should also be considered when buying granite stone. Considering its advantages and disadvantages, the use of granite can increase the lifespan of the building. But its incorrect use and selection in inappropriate places can lead to problems in the building.

– According to the advantages and disadvantages of granite stone, which part of the house is this stone suitable for?
Since the strength and durability of granite is very high, it is considered very suitable and safe for flooring and stones on kitchen cabinets and walls.

Summary and Conclusion

In general, granite is available in the market in different colors, red, white, black, etc., and each person can use this type of stone according to his environment and taste.
One of the cases where Natanz black granite is used is in indoor spaces such as parking lots, stairs, museums and galleries, historical buildings, subways, sanitary facilities, hospitals, etc.

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