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Persian Nero Marquina Marble

Persian Nero Marquina | Black Marble

Persian Nero Marquina (Najaf Abad / Black Marble) is a unique and special product that is widely used in interior decoration.
In addition to its beautiful and uniform black appearance, this stone is affordable and has many uses in the interior of the building, Persian Nero Marquina (Najaf Abad black marble) is one of the most luxurious materials that has been used in Iran for many years, And we at Negin Stone Co. provide this product in different sizes, Sizes 10×10, 20×20, 30×30, 40×40, and 60×40 are produced in thicknesses of 2 and 3 centimeters and slabs of 250×250 and 270×170, and also produced in FL size (Free Length).

Features of Persian Nero Marquina

– High endurance
– Suitable porosity
– Anti-scratch and anti-wear
– Resistant to absorption and permeability of water and moisture
– Color stability and polished and shiny surface

Application of Persian Nero Marquina

Persian Nero Marquina Marble

One of the applications of this product inside the building; It is used in the kitchen as a stone between the cabinets, sink, stone on the table or counter, which creates a beautiful appearance in contrast with other colors in the kitchen.

If your work environment has a small space and does not have enough natural light, using this product is essential, otherwise it will make the space appear smaller than it is. This stone can be used as an antique stone or as a paving stone.

Usages of Persian Nero Marquina

  • The interior of the kitchen
  • The space behind the TV (TV Wall)
  • Margins and sides
  • Vanities and stone art objects
  • The edge of the elevator
  • Staircase and wall
  • Cabinets and space inside the kitchen
  • The walls and around the fireplace
  • Hotels, arcades and luxury business complexes
  • Cabinet plate
  • Internal walls
  • Stairs and under stairs
  • Landscaping and landscaping
  • the walls
  • The interior of the building


Persian Nero Marquina Marble

Black Marble mines of Persian Nero Marquina are located in Najaf Abad city and in the western part of Isfahan province.
This stone is very similar to the Pietra Grey (Lashotor), with the difference that the color of the pietra grey is darker, but the Persian Nero Marquina Marble is shiny.

Essential tips

The black marble (Persian Nero Marquina) is very similar to Pietra Grey in some types, but the way to distinguish these two stones is in the color of the background and the type of veins.
Pietra Grey Marble, the veins are often linear and long in the same direction, and the background color is dark gray in most types, but in Persian Nero Marquina Marble, the background is darker (black) and the veins are irregular, short, long, and non-aligned.
One of the disadvantages of this stone is that it fades in sunlight, so it is not recommended to use black marble in environments that are exposed to sunlight.

Shipping and Handling

Persian Nero Marquina marble weighs 45 to 50 kg per square meter, this is for 2 cm thick stones, and if the thickness is 1.6 cm, it will weigh between 35 to 40 kg.

– Transport by Panel Truck – maximum load weight: 600 kg
– Transportation by Minivan – maximum load weight: 2000 kg
– Transportation by Van – maximum load weight: 4000 kg
– Transportation by Truck – maximum load weight: 10,000 kg
– Transportation by Wheeler Truck – maximum load weight: 6000 kg
– Transportation by Semi-Trailer Truck – maximum load weight: 16,000 kg

The price of black marble

The price of stones depends on the following factors :
– The more uniform the color of the stone, the higher its price.
– The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on it.
– The bigger the size of the stone and the more precise the cuts, the more expensive it will be.
– The quality of stone processing in terms of cutting, cutting, and resin will greatly affect the price of stone.

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