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Takab and Abbas Abad Travertine


Review of Travertine products in terms of color :

Takab Travertine
Takab travertine is available in light beige, honey, chocolate and cream colors. It is also available in two colors, silver and Chestnut color, in which dark halos can be seen. It appears on this stone due to the cutting of the auras of the eyebrows and so on. This stone is marketed as super, premium and excellent in Negin Stone, Takab travertine can be supplied in two forms, slab and tile.

Abbas Abad Travertine
This stone is available in white, chocolate, cream, red, lemon, yellow, silver and Dark colors, Abbas Abad travertine stone is cut in two ways: vein cutting and cross cutting and includes Classic, White Cloudy, Cloudy, Cream Pink, Pearl and Super White designs.
Also, this product can be supplied in two forms, Slabs and Tiles in Negin stone.

Takab travertine

– The amount of porosity and cavities of Takab travertine stone is balanced.
– Resistance to wear and pressure.
– It has high density and high water absorption.
– This stone is light in weight.
– It is resistant to heat and cold.
– This stone has good resistance to environmental factors and does not change color.

Abbas Abad travertine

– Resistance to sunlight and cold.
– It has very little porosity compared to other travertines.
– It has little water absorption.
– High density.
– Resistance to pressure and wear.
– It has high sub and polishability and it is easy to cut.
– It has a good lifespan.
– Abbas Abad travertine can be combined with other stones.


Takab Travertine
– Use in columns and stairs.
– Use on the exterior of the building.
– This stone is also used in Roman, classic and modern design.
– Use in the interior parts of building walls.
– It is used to make a fountain.
– Use in paving stones outside and on the roof.
– Use for stairs and parking lots.

Abbas Abad Travertine
Can be installed for the floor of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and corridors.
Interior walls of the building.
Use in the flooring of home pools.
This stone is mostly used in hotel lobbies.
Use for patios and yards.
Making a fireplace.
and Crowded places.


Abbas Abad Travertine Quarries
Abbas Abad Travertine Mine is in Central Province.
This stone is located in the stone quarries of Nimvar city in Bagher abad village.
More than ninety thousand tons of stone are extracted from this mine every day.

Takab Travertine Quarries
Takab travertine mine is located in Gonbad village in West Azarbaijan city, This city is near the city of Hamadan and is located in the south of West Azerbaijan.
This city has many Quarries and one of which is Takab.


According to the mentioned cases, Abbas abad travertine stone and Takab travertine stone both have their own characteristics, but they are similar in most cases.
Takab travertine stone and Abbas Abad travertine stone are different from each other in terms of functionality, uses, designs and colors.
Therefore, if you are looking for luxury and beauty and uniqueness of the exterior of the building or its facade; We recommend that you use Takab travertine stone and Also, if you are looking for higher durability in the interior of the building and the beauty inside it, and you want it to be easy and comfortable to maintain; We suggest you to definitely use Abbas Abad travertine stone.

It is also suggested to read the articles prepared in relation to beige travertine (Varton), Varton travertine has a higher purchase value than Abbas Abad travertine and Takab travertine.
You can also make a purchase by receiving advice from our experts.

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