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Beige travertine

Beige travertine

Beige travertine is a high quality product with a reasonable price and excellent quality, which today famous domestic and foreign architects and designers use in interiors, bathrooms and kitchens and large projects such as hotels and luxury villas, as well as the most popular colors Travertine is beige.

This stone is prepared in two ways, vein cut and cross cut, and has a white, cream, and beige background, which is arranged based on the background and wave of the stone.

Another name of this stone product is petro beige travertine (varton), because its quarry are in Varton village in iran, Isfahan province and most people know this stone as Varton travertine.

Features of beige travertine

Beige Travertine is the most suitable choice for classical and Roman design.
This product is light in weight due to high porosity, and cement penetrates well into the cavities behind the stone, so the stone remains well on the facade.

The color spectrum of these stones is light cream with the best quality and goes towards chocolate color in darker types.
This product is extracted and produced in different colors and prices from quarries all over the country, and the best quarry of this travertine is Varton, which is located in Varton village in Isfahan province – iran.

Due to their special characteristics, these stones can leave a lasting impression on the building in the same original form in any weather condition.

Beige travertine

Applications of beige travertine

  • Most architects and builders use this stone in combination with dark travertine for their facades. One of the most common uses of this stone is its combination with marble and dark travertine for the exterior.
  • Beige travertine stone is used in the main and external facades of commercial and residential buildings, interior facades and building walls, landscaping, making all kinds of decorative artifacts, etc.
  • In Negin Stone, this product is produced and processed in the form of slabs and tiles, and it is sent all over Iran and exported to world markets.
  • This stone is cut in two ways, vein cut and cross cut, and has a white, cream, and beige background, which is classified based on the background and wave of the stone.
  • Travertine has a variety of colors and a porous texture, the color variety of which is due to the difference in the compounds that exist in the stone elements during deposition and shows itself in the form of different streaks.
Beige travertine

Available sizes

Petro beige travertine (Varton) is cut in different sizes in Negin Stone Co. , some of which are mentioned below.

Small sizes (antique)

In the antique salon, sizes (1.5×1.5 – 2.5×2.5 – 5×5 – 10×10 – 15×15 – 20×20) are prepared and cut (dimensions in cm), which are generally less than 5 cm, which are usually molded And it is glued on cotton laces.

Medium sizes (tile)

In the tile salon, sizes larger than 20 cm (30×30 – 40×40 – 60×40 – 60×60 – 95×95) are prepared and cut (dimensions are in centimeters).
* Note that the thickness of the products can be between 1 and 5 cm according to their use and size.

Large sizes (slab)

Slabs are basically stones with dimensions larger than 100 cm that are carved in a unified way, the quality of the slabs is high and they are much more beautiful in terms of design than tiles and carved stones.
Available sizes: 150×150 – 250×250 – 250×150 – 270×170 and also the desired sizes are provided by the customer. (Dimensions are in centimeters).

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