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Stepping Stone | Stone Feature of the staircase

Stepping stone

The staircase (Stepping stone) is a part of the building or house that must be made of resistant materials due to its characteristics.
Stairs are an important part of many construction projects. From the outside to the inside. It seems that if you want to make the stone of the staircase inside the building, it is not so difficult. Stairs actually consist of only three main parts.

Stairs are exposed to a lot of traffic and attention compared to other parts of the house. For this purpose, the materials used must be strong and beautiful. and get contaminated later. The type of stone, the quality of the stone, the price of the stone and its correct installation are important and fundamental things and should be paid attention to. Marble, travertine, marble and porcelain stones are among the most used building stones. which is very popular among architects and building designers.

The advantage of using stepping stones

The nature of stairs can be stone, wood, glass, metal and unnatural materials and artifacts. But in the meantime, stone is generally the best, most beautiful and most popular material for making stairs. Because stepping stones, in addition to beauty and diversity in natural colors and designs, also have very good resistance. Since the staircase has more pressure than the floor covering, it must have an acceptable resistance so that it does not change color, break, fill up, etc. due to the passage of time and unfavorable conditions.

Types of stepping stones

In general, three types of stones are used for the interior of the building, which we have introduced below.

  • Marble stepping stones
  • Travertine stepping stones
  • Gohare stepping stone
  • Granite stepping stones
  • Onyx stepping stones
  • Quartzite stepping stone

Marble stepping stones

Duplex stairs and even the threshold of the doors inside the house, marble stairs are one of the most common and suitable choices for this, because it has a reasonable price, beauty and variety of colors and acceptable design, standard resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance. , these stairs are used with sub-gloss.

Travertine stepping stones

Having attractive colors is one of the most important features of travertine stone. Due to the production in the country, these products have an affordable and appropriate price and are considered a completely economic product.
This stone is popular due to its high quality and durability.

Gohare stepping stone

This stone (Gohare Limestone) has a calcareous structure like travertine. Precious stones are one of the best-selling and cheapest building stones that are extracted from mines in light cream, cream and beige color spectrum. The surface of this stone has dark and light flowers.

Granite stepping stones

The resistance of granite is very high. This stone is made of lime. Washing and cleaning this stone can be done easily, and due to the fact that this stone does not contain chemicals, walking on it does not cause problems for people.

Onyx stepping stones

According to research, walking on Onyx stones brings relaxation and refreshment.
The use of Onyx stones, especially yellow and cream, is very common in staircases, and usually the green color of these types of stones is also used for blessed places.

Quartzite stepping stone

This type of stone has high resistance and is suitable for the staircase inside the building and is also used as a facade stone. The color of quartzite stones is very diverse and can be completely light or completely dark. These types of stones are very similar to granite stones. They are, but they are harder and cheaper than them.

Stepping stones have characteristics and parameters that should be taken into account and based on that, choose the desired stone:

  • Durability and high resistance
  • Resistance to moisture and water
  • Ability to maintain color in high traffic areas
  • Resistance to wear and erosion
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to wash and clean

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