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Building Stone for the wall

What are the suitable building stones for walls?

Why is building stone used as a wall covering?

One of the most important advantages of building stone in the form of stone walls is that they are easily installed on smooth and uneven surfaces, in addition, natural stones contain silicate and calcium, which makes them resistant to different weather conditions. be resistant

The following are the reasons for choosing stone for wall covering:
  • Stones are more burnable
  • They are natural and environmentally friendly
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • They do not cause sensitivity or allergy
  • They last longer
  • They are readily available and easy to prepare
  • They have a lot of variety and beauty
  • Stones are easier to clean and maintain
All kinds of building stones suitable for walls
  • Antique
  • Slab
  • Chinese stone
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Onyx
  • travertine
  • Granite

Marble wall stone

Features of marble stone

  • They change color in sunlight.
  • They have little impact resistance.
  • Some types of marble have high water absorption.
  • It is a type of limestone that is obtained naturally.
  • White marble has a uniform color and a beautiful appearance.
  • It has a high variety of colors.

Because of its beautiful appearance, marble is one of the most popular stones for covering various building spaces. But note that the use of this stone in spaces such as bathrooms is not recommended and is mostly used for the floors of hotels, lobbies, etc.

Chinese wall stone

Features of the Chinese stone

  • Made of coarse crystal beads.
  • Due to its crystalline structure, it partially transmits light.
  • It has little water absorption.
  • It is resistant to heat and cold.
  • It has relatively little porosity.
  • The porosity and adhesion of this stone is less than travertine but more than granite.
  • It has high strength and resistance.

Chinese stone, which is also called crystal stone, is one of the beautiful stones that, contrary to its name, is also produced in Iran. This stone is mostly used to cover hotels and restaurants.

Onyx wall stone

Features of the Onyx stone

  • It is vulnerable to scratches and shocks.
  • It is resistant to weather changes such as cold and frost.
  • Some types allow light to pass through them.
  • It has a high price.
  • It has the capability of tools and shaving.
  • It has high transparency

Marble is perhaps the most beautiful and expensive type of stone. For this reason, it is mostly used for luxury places. It needs a lot of maintenance and care, so it cannot be used in sensitive places. Marble is widely used in stonework of religious places.

Antique wall stone

Features of antique stone

  • High resistance to heat
  • Suitable for use outside the fireplace
  • Ease of cleaning stone
  • Good insulation for sound, temperature and fire
  • Easy and fast installation
  • High flexibility compared to other stones

Antique stone is one of the decorative stones, these stones are used behind the fireplace wall, columns, mirror frames, etc., which are durable and make your home look stylish, luxurious and modern.

Quartzite wall stone

Features of quartzite stone

  • Relatively large variety in colors and designs
  • Being beautiful and impressive (especially all kinds of white and shiny stones)
  • Very similar to marble and granite, while the price is cheap
  • High resistance in various conditions, including atmospheric, acidic, alkaline and atmospheric conditions
  • High compatibility with the environment
  • The indestructibility of quartzite stone
  • Durability and longevity
  • Adequate adhesion
  • Very little water absorption
  • Easy maintenance

Due to its high resistance to atmospheric factors, quartzite wall stone is one of the common choices for covering walls. This stone has a special crystal appearance and is cheaper than granite and marble.


Features of slab stone

  • More resistance than tile
  • stunning beauty
  • Better quality than cut tiles
  • Ease of transportation and loading
  • Lighting capability

Very large and integrated pieces cut from raw stone blocks are called slabs. The use of stone slabs is extremely beautiful for wall covering due to the integrity of the parts and maintaining the natural appearance of the stone. These stones have a relatively higher price due to the difficult conditions of preparation and the fact that they must be cut in one piece.

Travertine wall stone

Features of the Travertine wall stone

  • It has high water absorption
  • They are resistant to weather changes such as cold and heat
  • It has good compressive strength but low abrasion resistance
  • It has a relatively low brightness

Travertine stone is mostly used for exterior design, it has good resistance to weather changes and its price is more suitable than other stones of the same category, it is light weight and easy to install.

Granite wall stone

Features of granite stone

  • It is very resistant to impact and wear
  • It has dense texture and low porosity
  • It is resistant to heat and cold
  • It is difficult to cut and has a high extraction cost
  • It has little water absorption

Granite is known for its high resistance. Due to its heavy weight, this stone is less used for facades, but it has a variety of designs and colors.


In this article, we examined the types of stones. Today, stone wall coverings have become one of the most widely used interior and exterior decoration components due to their variety and advantages.

To choose the type and color that suits the design and style of your building, you can contact our experts at Negin Stone to make the best possible choice for your building.

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