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Quarry exploration and drilling

Quarry exploration and drilling

What are the stages of exploration and mining?

Mining exploration and drilling
Minerals have been part of the world’s powerful economy for nearly 200 years, exploration and extraction of minerals is not allowed in national or state parks, more than 20 mining laws to protect the environment, indigenous heritage, water, land, plants and Animals, biodiversity, water basin, etc. are considered.

What is mining exploration?

Exploration is a set of activities that help determine and discover the presence of minerals underground.

Mining exploration

Mineral exploration is the process of searching for evidence of any mineralization and resources and reserves with economic and commercial value by applying different sciences, techniques and methods in the ground or underground.
If it is determined in the exploration process that minerals can be extracted commercially, mining is on the agenda. You may be interested to know that less than 1% of exploration projects usually result in a mine, as mining and mineral resources are very expensive.

Mine exploration includes various operations including:

  • Collection and review of administrative data
  • Obtaining basic information on the spot
  • Discovery phase
    Mining exploration and drilling stages generally include three items that are compiled based on the executive regulations of Iran’s mining industry and international standards.

Identification, calculation and review of basic information

Before the exact location of a mine can be determined, a larger area must be surveyed and preliminary studies done in that area. For example, if there is a possibility of the presence of a mineral in a certain point of that environment, studies are done on the surrounding environment to prove the validity of the hypothesis.


After determining the results of the previous stage and prioritizing the promising parts, in the search stage, mining engineers focus on the main priorities and try to limit the scope of their study to obtain more detailed information. Physical tests in the environment, mapping, sampling, geology, geochemistry and geophysics are the most important stages of exploration, and depending on the environmental conditions of each mine, one of them is used.


The last stage of mine exploration and drilling is the exploration stage. This stage itself is divided into two types of general and special exploration, and the mine deposit and its geometric shape are determined in this stage. After confirming the suitability of a mine for exploitation, it is time to extract it. Mining methods will be carried out in both open and underground ways. If the rock is located in the earth’s crust, they use the open pit method, and if it is deep in the ground, they use the underground mining method.

Marble Quarries of Iran

  • Abadeh marble quarry
  • Advari marble quarry
  • Arsanjan marble quarry
  • Ark Bastam marble quarry
  • Orumieh marble quarry
  • Ocean Blue marble quarry
  • Hersin marble quarry

Marble Quarries in the world

  • Arbescato marble quarry
  • Marathi marble quarry
  • Dark Emperor Marble quarry
  • Emperor Light Marble Quarry
  • Alanya marble quarry
  • Ice Flower Marble Mine

Travertine Quarries of Iran

  • Atashkoh Mahalat travertine
  • Haji Abad Mahalat travertine
  • Abbas Abad Mahalat travertine
  • Abgarm mahalat travertine
  • Esq travertine
  • Abyaneh travertine
  • Takab travertine
  • Ardabil travertine

Travertine Quarries in the world (top countries)

  • Türkiye
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • United States

Geographical map of Iran’s Quarries

Iran is one of the largest and best countries in the field of natural stone production and export, which has various Quarries.
Iran has large quarries of Onyx, Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Granite.


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